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Ben Walker, Founder of Inspire Accountants and High Performance Accountants is introducing HPA as the newest program to growing a fun, super rewarding accounting firm that runs like clockwork. 

Here’s what he said on the recent ‘Creating a High Performing Accounting Firm’ webinar –

We will be starting a group mentoring program that kicks off in March next year. We’ve already got dates in place for that program and it’s called High-Performance Accountants.

Over that time, you will grow your firm while working less hours and earning more profit. And hopefully, you ever thought possible in the first few months after starting that you will have clarified your vision for the firm that you can relate to.

These words I’ve chosen specifically because sometimes we had visions, I just did not see myself in. And you would understand where you’re adding the most value in your role, and have discovered some quick wins to grow and boost your profits – your firm’s profit and evaluation. And then we turn our attention to working through each of those remaining steps to creating a high-performance firm.

If you do want to have a chat about what that looks like, then please book in for what we call a Right-Fit Call, where we work out if we’re a right fit together to be able to help you.

Discover your firm’s performance score and identify opportunities of low-hanging fruit to increase your firm’s profit, value and overall enjoyment as the owner of the accounting firm. Take the high-performance accountants scorecard.

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