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Grow a fun, super rewarding accounting firm that runs like clockwork
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We help accountants go from feeling burnt out, working way too many hours, making an average profit and struggling to grow…

To having a firm that rewards them exceptionally well for their effort, have a fun team culture, working with great clients – all while working reasonable hours.

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Creating a High Performance Accounting firm requires more than just technical skills.
To become High Performance, an accounting firm needs to develop 7 key things:

Set an Inspiring Vision

For decades it’s been easy for accountants to ‘do okay’ with their firm. But the challenges of the pandemic, shifts to work from home and the great resignation have made it super tough from every angle of running a business.

If you don’t have an inspiring vision, you’ll struggle to attract and retain good team, your clients haven’t bought into the bigger picture of your firm and you could be stuck in the old school accounting traps.

In our Vision learning module and web classes, you will:
  • Reset your vision, mission and values for your firm
  • Create tangible 3, 5 and 10 year goals for your firm
  • Document what your ideal lifestyle looks like running your firm
  • Learn why these things matter so much to your team and clients
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1 Inspiring Vision
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2 Product Eco System
Build a Product Ecosystem

Charging hours as a business model is dying. Creating a core product to sell creates opportunities for scaling your business. Having subscription revenue will skyrocket your accounting firm’s value and create sustainable cash flow.

You also need to ensure you provide a complete and remarkable service offering to your clients. This means more revenue for you, but also ensures they’re rarely at risk of leaving because they’ve been introduced to another accountant.

In our Product learning module and web classes, you will:
  • Switch from charging for time to a product based approach
  • Learn the tricks of building a subscription based firm
  • Design scalable service offerings that your team delivers
  • Ensure your clients have their financial world sorted
  • Who to partner with and how to do it ensuring a win-win-win
Create a Marketing Machine

Doing marketing well is the secret ingredient that will turbocharge your firm’s revenue, profit and business value. But you can’t do this without having the sales and delivery ability to support it.

You need to create a consistent flow of leads which turns into consistent revenue and an ability to predict resource requirements. Inconsistent and reactive marketing is a quick way to have crap cash flow and high seasonal stress as business will come in waves.

In our Marketing learning module and web classes, you will:
  • Learn how to create a consistent flow of ideal prospects
  • Develop a ‘go to’ series of presentations that create leads
  • Learn the keys to a great website and social media
  • Create a one page marketing plan that delivers
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3 Marketing Machine
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4 Skyrocket Your Sales
Skyrocket your Sales

Selling can be daunting, but selling to our clients should result in them being better off having bought from you, then if they didn’t.

We need to make sure we have a solid process to take prospects through to turn them into clients for life. At the same time, we want to empower our senior team to be able to sell, so it isn’t reliant on one or two key people in the firm.

In our Sales learning module and web classes, you will:
  • Create a documented sales process for your firm
  • Never need to deliver a free consultation again
  • Learn how to train your team to convert leads into clients
  • Develop a plan for increasing your average annual client value
Deliver a World Class Experience

Managing the delivery part of a firm seems like its own business at times. If we get this wrong, we’ll have huge blow outs in turnaround times, have capacity bottlenecks and overall you and the team will struggle to enjoy it.

If we get this right, you’ll have plenty of capacity for new clients, your team will know how to deliver without you, and the work will be turned around in a reasonable time – even during what normally would be ‘peak’ times.

In our Delivery learning module and web classes, you will:
  • Document who are the right people to do the right things
  • How you can take yourself fully out of delivery, only by exception
  • Know how to spread work out over the year instead of into peaks
  • Set KPI’s for every single team member and know how to report on this
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5 Deliver A World Class Experience
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6 Grow A Dream Team
Grow a Dream Team

One of the biggest challenges in business and life are people. That’s real growing a high performance accounting firm. We teach you firstly how to create a fantastic culture, that you find fun and are proud of.

Then we share the tools, systems and resources that hire, retain and develop your team members to create a world-class team.

In our Team learning module and web classes, you will:
  • Embed the rhythms you need to get the most out of your team
  • Learn how to create a fun culture with no politics
  • Develop a hiring process so you hire the right person every time
  • Have a plan in place so every team member knows their progression
Leverage Best in Class Tech

Technology can help our team be more efficient, and enhance the delivery of our services to our clients. The mistake I see being made that is holding firms back is not enough focus on best in class technology – both hardware and software.

When you crack the code on great tech, your team will be happier, clients will love the interactions with you and your firm will be able to produce much more with the same amount of people.

In our Tech learning module and web classes, you will:
  • Be able to run Zoom meetings your clients rave about
  • Embrace ‘work from home’ and ‘work from anywhere’
  • Calculate the ROI on good quality tools for your team
  • Ensure that your team aren’t complaining about technology
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7 Leverage Technology
What’s Included
Who is the High Performance Accountants Program for?
Owners of
accounting firms

You’re an experienced owner of an accounting firm, and have between

$500k – $1.5M in turnover and are looking for ways to grow.

You want to create a super rewarding firm (in time, profit and fulfillment) that runs like clockwork – all while working reasonable hours and having time for you and your family.

Bogged down in the thick of it

You’re the bottleneck for everything right now, and are wearing a heap of hats. You’re frustrated at this, and deserve to make good money while having better control of your time.

The program is designed for busy accounting firm owners. The idea is as you implement what you learn, this should free your time up doing more of what you love.

Keen, willing and capable

We want to work with accounting firm owners who have the energy to change their situation, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get the results they are after.

You’ve got the budget to implement change in their firm, from a financial, time, but also energetically. You’ll ideally have team that can help you implement what’s required and bring them along on the journey.


From $197 +GST / m
Self Implementation
From $2,450 +GST / m
Group Mentoring
1:1 Mentoring
From $4,500 +GST / m
Limited to 3 firms
7x 1 Hour lessons on building a High Performing Accounting Firm (Accessed via our online portal)
Access to our Members Only Facebook group - Discuss opportunities and problems with other High Performing accounting firm owners (no questions that Google can answer!)
Members only webinars on special topics: (Implementing Estate Planning as a service; Building a High Performance Culture; Hiring in a Tough Market)
Monthly LIVE ‘Ask Ben Anything’ calls
Access to previous webinar recordings
Cheat Sheet (one page downloadable webinar summary with action steps)
Includes one Inspire Open day ticket
Paid access for individual Masterclasses from Signature Program ($3,500+GST per Masterclass)
6 Week Asset Creation Sprints / Challenges
Invitations to Quarterly Planning Retreats
Introductions to Inspire’s key service providers and suppliers (be well looked after)
Reduced Price to Quarterly Planning Retreats
Bi-Monthly Full Day Masterclasses where we deep dive on the 7 steps to Creating a High Performing Accounting firm
11x Monthly 2 hour Group Accountability and Coaching Meetings a year
Access to Inspire Accountants systems, tools, templates, checklists, cheatsheets that you can rebrand and use immediately in your firm
Access to Inspire’s high converting Client + Prospect Webinar templates for you to rebrand and use immediately to market to your clients and prospects
Monthly 1 hour Personal Accountability and coaching with Ben Walker (Better ROI on your time and money)
Emergency Phone Calls - Access to Ben between coaching calls to discuss emergency problems (of $10k value or more)
Time Investment
How this offering pays for itself
From $197 +GST / m
1 hr / week
Get 1 new Business client in a year
From $2,450 +GST / m
4 hrs / week
Less than HALF a junior accountant
From $4,500 +GST / m
5 hrs / week
Less than a Junior Accountant

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