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Ben Walker, Founder of Inspire Accountants and High-Performance Accountants share the lessons he learned from building an A-team in the recent webinar called, “Creating a High Performing Accounting Firm”.

Here’s what he said:

All The Mistakes I Made

In terms of building teams, these are the lessons over the years: 

Inspire 1.0 – All the mistakes I made

I hired the first person who rocks up for the interview, and I started learning the challenges of managing people. Delegating is hard, we think that’s hard throughout every stage but especially harder if you haven’t done it before. 

Inspire 2.0 – You hire the smartest person

You’re not at a size where your people do just one thing in their role. But you’ve got two sets of expectations on one person which can be hectic at times, and still unclear on team roles and progression.

Culture seems to be hard to manage. People burn out, including me from a flat structure wearing too many hats. You’re concerned that people are unproductive from home, that was also a bit of a question mark. No time sheets, I wasn’t concerned, but maybe thinking how do we keep a track of what people are doing?

You Hire The Smartest Person
You Rush Your Hiring Process To Keep Growing

Inspire 3.0 – You rush your hiring process to keep growing

Your team culture becomes more complex because you’ve got more people and more dynamics. Your teams create silos and develop different ways of doing the same thing.

Communication between teams becomes a challenge as well. It just makes things more complex. So, you need to build the systems on the backend that can accommodate that.

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