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Ben Walker, Founder of Inspire Accountants and High-Performance Accountants share his personal story and his purpose with accounting in a recent webinar called, “Creating a High Performing Accounting Firm”.

Here’s what he said:

As a child, I watched my grandfather build a business where he was able to step back in early retirement to look after my grandmother when she got cancer. My grandmother is still around, by the way. My dad also inspired me when he ran his well-known corporate catering business, giving himself permission to go after his dream and do what he loved while being paid for it. 

And accountants have a huge influence on business success and small businesses – the backbone of our Australian economy. So, these are the things I believe in. 

My chosen path is to have a positive impact on businesses directly through Inspire, which I’m doing, but also helping other accountants build high-performing firms that give them and their clients the ability to put their families first and make a difference in the world.

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