In this episode, Ben interviews Grant Bloxham, a Chartered Accountant and the CEO and Founder of Bstar. Bstar empowers accountants to enrich the lives of their business clients by offering automated business valuation, advisory & sounding board solutions. 

Grant is considered an accounting industry thought leader & was the author of Bstar’s 2022 Sounding Board Solutions Future of Professional Advice Article & 2021 Business Advisory Services Automation White Paper. We’ve been using Bstar at Inspire for at least 3 years. 

Grant and Ben talk why you might want to be in the valuation services offering for your clients, the types of transactions or relationships you can have by implementing this service, what’s happening in the market from a client perspective including the number of transactions and why people are buying or selling mergers and acquisitions. 

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Tune in to hear Ben and Grant chat about minority interest shareholder programs where a business looks to retain key staff and how that might be a massive opportunity in your client base.