In this episode, Ben interviews his long-term mentor, Grant Abbott. Grant has a Bachelor of Economics and a Master of Law specialising in Taxation and Superannuation. He has written 5 books on SMSFs and Estate Planning, and is currently the Chairman of the SAPEPAA – the Succession, Asset Protection and Estate Planning Advisers Association. 

His other achievements include the development of the leading training course for advisers providing advice in SMSFs and recently Succession, Asset Protection and Estate Planning; making numerous submissions to the Treasury and Government on various issues including Trusts and Section 100A, and dealing extensively with Accountants and Accounting Firms across Australia on his specialisations. 

He’s also the CEO of LightYear Docs and a Specialist Legal Consultant to Abbott & Mourly Lawyers. 

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Tune in to hear Ben and Grant chat about State Planning, the high-level SMSF advisory, ways you can get and the different learning options that are available to you.