Hi, and welcome to the High Performance Accountants Podcast. My name is Ben Walker. I’m an accountant, author and founder of the accounting firm Inspire Life Changing Accountants. But most importantly, I’m a husband to my wife, Stevie, and father to my kids Rose, Ezra and Poppy. I’ve done the work to grow a firm from literally break even and a burden to fun and super profitable. And I’ve done that with most days with working school hours. After doing this, I feel like my original vision for what I had in mind for Inspire has become a reality, and I’m getting paid exceptionally well for the value I provide to my team and my clients. 

My goal is to help other accounting firm owners achieve this. And with this podcast, starting your journey to pulling more profit out than you could ever have imagined with a team and you that loves what they do while working 38 hours a week or less. Now join me on the podcast where I’ll dive deep into conversations with a number of different types of guests. We’ll have accountants who’ve built impressive businesses to share their secrets to success. I’ll get on accounting industry experts going deep into the topics that they believe will have a huge impact on a firm’s performance and will invite different software or service providers to the accounting industry to share what they reckon helps a firm create more value. 

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And lastly, I’ll even invite inspires leadership team who have superpowers in different aspects of running a firm to share their insights on our own growth over the past few years. 

Tune in to the High Performance Accountants podcast every week available on Spotify, iTunes or other platforms where you get your podcasts, including YouTube. If you’re keen to get that added connection with video and if you’re interested in being featured as a guest, send me an email to Ben at High Performance Accountants. Thank you and hope you enjoy it.