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Set an inspiring vision

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Build a product ecosystem

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Create a marketing machine

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Skyrocket your sales

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Deliver a world class experience

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Grow a dream team

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Leverage best in class tech

Do you have a “Why” for the business that is inspiring, documented and shared regularly with the team?

Do you have a documented plan for the next quarter, year and 3 years?

Do you have well defined values that each team member could recite without prompting?

Have you documented the ideal amount of hours you work, the role you will be doing, and the amount of profit you’d like to take from your business?

Do you regularly review industry and business trends and make changes to your firm as a result?

Do you have a clearly defined ideal client - including documented details of their characteristics and demographics?

Do you have client selection criteria that is documented and is adhered to when agreeing to work with prospective clients?

Do you have good relationships with referral partners who can look after complimentary services such as mortgage broking, financial planning, legal matters, estate planning etc?

Do you have a method of tracking which clients have signed up for the different services your firm offers?

Do you regularly educate your clients on the additional services your firm could offer?

Do you know which of the various social media platforms is the best for marketing to your ideal client?

Has your website been redesigned and relaunched in the last 3 years, and is it accurately representing what your firm currently does and looks like?

Do you have a brochure for your core service offering? (Available in printed hard copy and on your website for download)

Do you speak regularly at workshops, webinars or conferences to your target client base? (At least 1 per month - and can be your own or others hosting the event)

Do you have referral partners established who regularly refer you a steady stream of new clients?

Do you have a defined sales process that the team have been trained on and follow?

Can your team sell as good as or better than you?

Is your team is dealing with 100% of new sales leads (apart from referrals that are sent directly to you)?

Do you have a ‘tester’ product that prospective clients pay money for to test your service / see if you can add value? (Like a ‘consultation’ or ‘review’ - but paid?)

Have you done formal training with your team around sales to new clients and additional services to existing clients?

Do you have capacity to grow your client base by 10% in the next month, and your team be ok with capacity and not have to work extra hours?

Do you leverage offshore team members to do low level accounting tasks and administration tasks?

Do you proactively reach out to your clients in July / August to start their tax, rather than wait for them to send their compliance stuff through whenever they get around to it?

Does every single person in the team have at least 1 key number they are responsible for achieving and reporting on every week?

Do you have a dedicated team member for the review or QA process of compliance work?

Do you have performance reviews, salary reviews and formal feedback mechanisms more than once per year for all team?

Does every accountant have a clear development plan and know what milestones to achieve to grow to manager or partner in your firm?

Have you retained every employee (that you want to retain) in the last 12 months?

Have you been able to attract quality new team members in the last 12 months?

Do you have a team culture that you are honestly happy with?

Have you reviewed the technology you use in each part of the business in the past 2 years?

Do your team love (not complain about) the software and computers you use?

Have you updated your hardware (laptops / computers) in the past 3 years for all team?

For online meetings, do you use HD or UHD video and good quality microphones (not standard / in built webcams / mics / AirPods)?

Does every team member have a fast laptop or PC, at least 2 screens and a good quality keyboard & mouse?

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