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Ben Walker, Founder of Inspire Accountants and High-Performance Accountants share his tech struggles during the early days at Inspire. Here’s what he said:-

Inspire 1.0

The problem I had was using entry-level computers that we don’t update. Maybe we’re using the free or the light version of the software and you’re your own IT girl, or you don’t have the cash to invest in awesome equipment. These are the things I struggled with then. 

Inspire 2.0

Your team complained about their computers. But I see a lot of firms in this revenue range using all-in-one software packages like HandiSoft or MYOB. They do everything in your practice, maybe not everything, but most things in your practice but each thing potentially poorly. 

You have a server on-site, and you sign up with software that’s appropriate for maybe your current size, instead of the business you’re growing into using software that first came out 20 or more years ago. So, I think there’s just such good and efficient software now that we need to be using best-in-class software. 

Inspire 3.0 

Audio and video quality on Zoom and client meetings are poor. We had limited thought put into them. This is an awareness thing. That’s the reason why I’ve got a pretty crazy mic setup and headphones. I’ve got a 4K camera for my webcam. These are distinguished things I’ve made to give that online experience as best as I can with the equipment I can get access to, but also for our team who sit in client meetings every day.

And the other tricky thing was we don’t have scalable software such as enterprise-level CRMs or workflow managers.

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