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Are accountants letters risky?

Firstly, there’s so much whingeing amongst accountants on signing letters for banks or financial institutions. 

We are signing factual information for the clients knowing that we have got disclaimers. Also, we are not taking liability or guaranteeing anything’s going to happen, but rather just signing for the income of the client.

Is the bank's template for accountants letters risky?

Are Accountants Letters for Banks Risky?

Secondly, If we are using the bank’s template and they can’t operate outside of that. They’ve got stuff which does give us risk, we get that. Most of them however, we can reword how we want, so it’s all factual information.


Thirdly, If you don’t sign accountants letters, providing that sort of factual information on behalf of your clients, that’s going to drive a huge wedge between you and them. Especially, where it’s quite an easy or simple no-risk confirmation.


Lastly, we want you to consider the wording of them. Reword and cross stuff out if it’s a template. Only sign something you are comfortable signing so that you know it’s true. 


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Letters On Bank Risky

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