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Are you an accounting firm that’s giving away free accounting advice? I want to encourage you to stop, there is another way to do it. 

We made a change in the business in 2014 where we started charging for our sales. Prior to that, I’d meet with a client for about an hour, sometimes longer and I would pour out all this value in the hopes I might impress the client enough that they might come across. However, at any moment, they could walk out the door, take that knowledge with them, and go to a cheaper or another accountant to get that implemented. The problem is, I spent so much time, effort, and value. I got paid nothing for that.

Accounting Firms Giving Away Free Advice To Get Clients

How we stopped giving away free advice

What changed the game for us was that we implemented the ‘Look Under The Hood’ or a second opinion on your tax. We started charging at $500+GST but for the last couple of years, we’ve increased it to $750+GST. 

The goal is to find at least, if not thousands of dollars in tax savings for the client. It’s a paid engagement. There’s a paid report they receive and a meeting as well. This has changed the game with conversions and sales. So, I highly encourage accounting firms to stop giving away free advice, your time and energy is valuable. 

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Accounting Firms Giving Away Free Advice To Get Clients