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When it comes to accounting services and pricing, a frequently asked question we see is, “Should I charge if someone is late or a no show?” 

Here’s the scenario – 

An accountant has asked for advice, where they gave away a ‘1-hour free consultation’ to get new clients on board. However, sometimes the prospective clients are mucking them around and they’re doing no shows or showing up late. 

Without a doubt, we shouldn’t be giving consultations for free for anything near an hour. In addition, it goes for in-person meetings where you’ve got the added logistics such as traffic and things that can get in the way. 

Accounting Services Pricing: Charging for No Show’s

Accounting services pricing recommendations for late or no shows

We recommend a 20 minute phone or Zoom call. Zoom adds a slightly more personal touch where you can see the person face-to-face. 

At Inspire, we do a 20-minute strategy call without a cost. We identify what the issues are with the prospective client that is wanting help. If we are a good fit, then we outline the next step in our sales process, which often is a Look Under The Hood or a second opinion on their tax. That’s a paid service of $750+GST and we deliver that over the coming week or so.

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