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We believe it’s important to maintain fair pricing and treat people with respect. While we do have some leverage in the market, it doesn’t justify taking advantage of others or engaging in dishonest practices.

Currently, our industry, like many others, is facing capacity challenges. Therefore, we need to be selective about the clients we work with and ensure that we charge appropriately for our services.

At Inspire, we prioritise fairness in our pricing. We invest a significant amount of time internally, including coaching sessions, to help our team navigate these conversations and truly understand the value we provide. Even before meeting with a client, we reflect on the key moments we have been there for them in the past few years. This ensures that the price we propose is reasonable and aligned with the value we bring.

If a client doesn’t accept our price, we are okay with that. We strive to detach ourselves from the outcome and respect their decision. On the other hand, if they do accept it, we are equally content. Most of the conversations our team has had with their clients result in a simple and unexpected agreement, which feels like a normal, friendly exchange.

Overall, our approach is centered around fairness, understanding, and maintaining positive relationships with our clients.

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