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We’ve adopted a policy where we request full payment upfront before starting any project, whether it’s catching up on taxes or setting up a monthly recurring service. The great thing about this policy is that it eliminates any outstanding debts or unpaid invoices. In fact, it has become such a natural part of our workflow with Ignition that we sometimes forget it was once an issue before we implemented this process.

By receiving payment upfront, we maintain a zero or even negative WIP (work in process). This means that we don’t begin work until the proposals are accepted and the payment is secured.

 Initially, we thought this might be a potential challenge, but surprisingly, it hasn’t been an issue for years. In the rare instances where some individuals had concerns about this policy, they turned out to be unreasonable. So, if you’re worried about it, just treat it as a normal procedure, and chances are things will go smoothly.

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