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So, what do we put in place? 

Sales Process – It converts most of the clients you want to work with. If it’s converting all of them, that the price is probably not high enough and that there’s one thing that might be wrong. 

And if you’re not converting any, then it could be sales skills or a really high price. 

Showing the value for the client – We think part of sales is actually saying no to people who don’t fit our target client profile, whether they’re just a plan out muppet. We are going to say no to them upfront or not in the revenue range or team size or profit level.

Maybe they are too new at business for our stock standard client and whatever that is, that’s what we’ve got to work out in that product step. 

Documented Sales Process And Training – Things that helped and regular training as well. Ability for clients to test you before going all in and in terms of the ability for any of our team to know how much something costs is literally having a pricing menu and a pricing calculator.

Hourly Rates – So, we don’t do hourly rates at Inspire. We’ve got set prices for different things and it does change depending on the size of the business, the number of entities and turnover. But this has helped to scale our sales. Anyone can log in and see how much something’s going to cost.

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