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Have you ever experienced a really bad team culture where good team members don’t stick around and you find it extremely tough to find good people to join the team? 

A Team Players

Things that helped:

1. Coals To Diamonds Team Development Plan

Inspire has created a Coals To Diamonds Team Development Plan that covers from Undergraduate Accountants right up to what a Partner looks like at Inspire. This  includes the key milestones and expectations at each level. We do pay raises based  on the Coals To Diamonds, and the team knows where they’re sitting and what they need to work on to get to the next level.

2. Implementing A Leadership Team

We implemented the leadership team in Inspire 2.0 and we’ve been perfecting it ever since. Having a leadership team makes the boss’s job easier and help[s them to delegate certain tasks to certain people. 

3. Culture Club

We have an authentic approach to culture and have created rhythms with the team to be able to promote that close, trusting, fun culture.

The results:

We’ve got a team of A-players who love what they do and advocate the firm to clients and prospective team members. We’ve had a few good team members who’ve come from referrals from our existing team. They may have worked together in the past or they went through CA together.

Excellent Team

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