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Have a listen as Ben Walker talks about his challenges and breakthroughs as an Accounting Firm Owner 

Here’s what he said – 

Some of the feelings I’ve had throughout growing Inspire: 

  • Running on a hamster wheel with work, spinning but not going anywhere
  • Not enjoying work
  • Mental and physical health dwindling
  • Strained personal relationships with friends, family, and wife 
  • Wondering whether you made a mistake starting a firm and if it’s better to work for someone else
  • Feeling like a slave to your firm,  it owns you. It dictates everything
  • Feeling exhausted mentally and physically 

These are the challenges I’ve had over the years. 

I’m at a point now with Inspire where I’m creating a fun, and super rewarding accounting firm that runs like clockwork. 

Stuff still breaks, and bad things happen. 

Nothing’s perfect. 

But it’s way better than looking back over the last 10 years and going, “Wow, lucky the lease isn’t a noose around my neck.”

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