Play Video about The Importance Of Your Product Ecosystem

Complimentary products such as bookkeeping and financial planning are just some of the things that have helped. It also develops a clear product ecosystem. 

Undoubtedly, a client benefits from complimentary products. Clearly, because they are able to have a complete and remarkable experience in their financial world. Additionally, if bookkeeping and financial planning weren’t offered, it is crucial that a partnership is in place. As a result, these services can be delivered if regularly needed or asked for. A few examples of partnerships include, broking, financial planning and insurance just to name a few.


Here are some things that have helped:

  • Ideal Client Profile – choosing a niche can be scary but it actually works 
  • Client Journey Map – It’s great for training team members the journey of becoming a client and how it looks after a few years of working together. In addition, this also helps set expectations for the new clients that come on board.
  • Documentation – Having a brochure, sales tools and systems in place help deliver the service well. Also, having frameworks where you can converse with a client about what that core product looks like.

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