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During the “Pricing & Profitability CPD Workshops” tour in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Ben Walker, the Founder of Inspire Accountants and High-Performance Accountants, took the stage as a keynote speaker. The event, organized by Chartered Accountants and Ignition, provided a platform for Ben to share his valuable insights. 

Check out Ben’s talk about “The True Essence Of Sales For Accountants”, here’s what he said – 

I have heard from quite a few accountants that they don’t associate with the word “Sales”. And I just want to encourage you, it is a function of the business to sell. Even a waiter at the restaurant, the process of them saying, would you like another margarita? And me saying, “Yes”, that’s a function of sales.

We need to think that this is a serious function of our business and that selling is caring. If you struggle with that association or that engagement towards the idea of sales, then this book by Daniel Pink, “To Sell Is Human”, is a good perspective changer on sales.

I just want to start with that because I don’t want to talk about sales when maybe you’re sitting there going, “Ah, it’s not me, I don’t like it”. It’s really not a bad thing. It took me a lot of work to understand that it’s a great thing because the client wins, we win and maybe the tax office does or doesn’t.

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