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Have a listen to Ben’s talk on “Training Your Team To Identify Great Clients”, here’s what he said –

The kind of clients we attract can differ based on how they come across our services.

Oftentimes, when our top-notch clients suggest someone similar to themselves, the referrals tend to be of high quality.

We also took a look at the services that our top clients prefer. It turns out they’ve chosen a mix of services from us—things like the usual tax and compliance work, additional structures, investments, and SMSFs.

During this exploration, we spotted some common themes. Relationship statuses seemed quite alike, and even the general industries they’re in shared similarities.

The whole point of this exercise is to figure out who our fantastic clients are and how we can attract more of them. Where do they hang out? Who do they interact with?

After that, it’s all about training your team to recognise your ideal client. This helps them identify who’s a great fit and who might not align perfectly with us. This is especially important if your team is just starting to handle initial inquiries at your accounting firm.

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